About Fauves

auves is an online music magazine based in Mainz that features mainly independent / alternative artists, bands and people who just love music. The magazine’s aim is to promote talented musicians in Germany and to boost the German music scene without losing touch with our home base, Mainz. We want to keep you, the reader, informed about what’s going on and introduce you to new sounds all day long.

All kinds of folks will have the opportunity to present their work, be it music-videos, new songs, insights to their band life. The magazine will also provide interviews and articles about music venues and concerts.



We are a team of students, journalists, concert-lovers, globetrotters and friends from Mainz who enjoy connecting with people and listening to music. We constantly get together to improve our magazine and to keep it all real. If you want to be part of our team or would like to contribute to our site in any ways …

  … feel free to drop us a message!