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Heidelberg’s indie-pop star Dominik Baer talks about his travels around the world, his future-nostalgia as well as his upcoming show on the new online stream platform “Fenster zum Hof” (Musikmaschine) at Altes Postlager in Mainz on May 1st at 21:00.

Your personae is extensively defined by movement. What’s it like to be stuck at home now, what do you do on a regular day?

Dominik: It’s true – I’m used to being on the move. In fact I barely made it back from Thailand just as Corona was exploding at the beginning of March. Ironically, it feels really good to be at one place for a while, settle into routines – I’m working on songs and figuring out the rules to this changing game…

Sri-Lanka, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Congo, Thailand – you’ve been to so many exciting places already. What brought you to these unusual travel destinations?

Dominik: My parents worked as development workers, so I spent most of my childhood in Asia. It was a truly unique experience which I am so grateful for. I ended up at an international boarding school in Chiang Mai Thailand.

12 songs, 12 paintings, 12 videos in 12 months. Could you tell us a bit about this interesting project that you call „Colliding in the Dark”?

Dominik: “Colliding In The Dark” is the name of the title track of my latest album. It was a ridiculously ambitious art & music experiment – I put out a new song accompanied by a painting (artwork) as well as a music video every month for one year. I got to work with musicians, filmmakers, dancers, actors, artists, animators and creatives from across the world. I had a LOT of fun – but I really underestimated how much work it would be 🙂 – especially the videos. 

You will play the first gig of „Fenster zum Hof”. What’s your experience with live concerts online?

Dominik:  I’ve only done a couple. But I still get that nervous adrenaline rush knowing people are watching, and I always feel great after the stream, which was much like a normal show. But I’ll be honest – I do miss the applause. And the crowdsurfing. REALLY miss the crowdsurfing 😉

Looking at your facebook profile, I see that you host your own live streams. What have been some of the opportunities of the Corona outbreak – if there are any ?

Dominik: It hasn’t all been bad. I did have my biggest tour yet cancelled (it would have started at the end of March), but I have really enjoyed having more time and quiet to write and focus on other aspects of my career. I host a “Breakfast Livestream” at 9am every Monday morning on my IG. I always have another artist on and we play a couple of songs and talk about art and life. I love it, because I am really interested in hearing how other artists do life and what works for them. You should join me next Monday!

Listening to one of your older songs, „Bend time back“, one gets to know your nostalgia. Is it time for some more nostalgic songs coming up in the future?

Dominik: Haha – future nostalgia  – I love that oxymoron. Yes, there is a part of me that loves living in a memory (like the memory of sleeping in on a Saturday morning) But instead, I’m trying to be more present these days when my 1-year old wakes me up at 6.30 every morning. Even Saturdays.

If the work of Dominik Baer has triggered your attention, you should join his Free 7-Day Audio-Visual Adventure or tune into the Fenster zum Hof’s concert stream here.

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