Go Go Berlin live in der Centralstation in Darmstadt

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Go Go Berlin ist eine der Bands, der wir schon längst den ganz großen Durchbruch wünschen. Die Dänen hätten mit ihrem Debutalbum „New Gold“ aus dem Jahr 2013 eigentlich schon direkt beim Glastonburry spielen müssen oder zumindest bei Rock am Ring, denn wie kein anderer Newcomer verstehen sie es, den Vibe der ruhmhaften 70er Jahre in die Neuzeit zu transportieren. Und ist es nicht eigentlich das, was bei aktuellen Festival Lineups eindeutig fehlt?

Geprägt von Bands wie Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones oder The Doors, schafft es die Band Rock N Roll wieder Bedeutung zu geben. Und zudem wirkt Frontmann Christian nicht nur wegen seines Aussehens wie der junge Rod Stewart, stimmlich steht er dem Altmeister ebenso in Nichts nach.

Über die Livequalitäten von Go Go Berlin gibt es eigentlich keine zweite Meinung, wer da noch Nachholbedarf hat, hier ihr Auftritt beim Rockpalast.

Jedoch reichen Qualität und Talent heutzutage nicht mehr aus und so blieb die Band bis heute eigentlich nur in ihrer Heimat Dänemark so richtig erfolgreich. Auch ihr zweites Album „Electric Lives“ aus dem Jahr 2015 konnte daran nichts ändern. Und das obwohl dieses zwar etwas poppiger als der Vorgänger ist, aber ohne Frage in der Intensität diesem in Nichts nachsteht.

Doch jetzt – nach vier Jahren Schaffenspause – hatte die Band ausreichend Zeit an einem neuen Sound zu basteln. Sie sagen selbst, sie hätten extrem viel ausprobiert und sich keine Grenzen gesetzt:

Our new album “The Ocean” has now been out a few months. When we started writing these songs, it was a long journey of writing something that we would care for ourselves. Something we would be proud of. Not to do what was expected from us, (or from the music industry for that matter). We wanted to tell our stories, and make music that we would actually add to our own Spotify playlists.

Klar ist, dass die Band auf “The Ocean” eine Entwicklung durchgemacht hat, weg von dreckigen Gitarrensounds, hin zum weichgewaschenen Mainstream Sound und dem dadurch erhofften Durchbruch.

Wir haben Go Go Berlin nach ihrem Konzert in der Centralstation in Darmstadt am 22. Oktober getroffen und mit ihnen über Madonna, Greta van Fleet und Leoniden gesprochen.

Hey guys, great concert at Centralstation in Darmstadt! How did you like it?

It was the absolute perfect way to end the tour! We were happy and surprised that so many people showed up.

You’ve been touring with the band Leoniden until last Sunday – supporting one of the most popular indie bands in Germany at the moment. Do you have a few stories in store that you can tell us? 

Touring with Leoniden has been so much fun. we’ve been traveling in a small nightliner, playing sold out shows for a week. There’s something dreamy and magical about that! The specifics we’ll never tell, simply too risky ;).

Even though almost every band gets to hear this from magazines, we have to say that you are an extremely good live band. What’s special about your live shows?

First of all thank you dearly! It’s hard to put a finger on what it is that is working so well, but if I were being held at gun point I would have to say the mix of experience and playful naivety.

This year you’ve played in front of thousands of people at Smukfest Festival in Denmark, the second biggest of the country. What’s different between playing at small venues and big festivals?

Every season, when we switch from venues in the winter to the summer festival, we have to switch mindsets as well. When you play a venue, the energy and sound stays easier in the room – whereby a festival is played under the open sky. Also, the crowd is very different. A venue crowd came just for you, a festival crowd might just be stopping by. Both have pros and cons, and we love them both dearly.

Being asked about the current state of music business, Madonna replied: “Everything’s so formulaic, and every song has 20 guest artists on it, and everyone sounds the same.”

Would you agree with her and if so, what do you think is the reason for that kind of development? Do you think the good old days of Rock N Roll are over?

We in Go Go Berlin are tired of this gloryfication of the past. The most exiting music is being released right now. And it’s funny that quote should come from her ;). If a good song has 100 writers and 100 producers it doesn’t change the fact that it is good. So get out there and explore all the fantastic music being made right now!

One of the few Rock N Roll bands who made it to the top in the USA despite current trends is Greta van Fleet. What do you think about them and what do you say to those who call them a cheap Led Zeppelin copy?

Haters will hate! It sounds like they draw some inspiration from the old leds but who cares. But I’m not the best to ask as I haven’t heard that much of their music.

Your „The Ocean“ tour is over now. What’s next?


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