Swedish folk pop band Dofhiort’n releases their debut album “Bibliotek”

Libraries count as cultural heritage. Everyone can go there and have a good time consuming different kinds of culture. They are multifaceted, cosmopolitan and individual – and so is “Bibliotek” (Swedish for library), the debut album of the Vänersborg/Oslo-based folk pop band Dofhiort’n.

“Bibliotek”, which was released on October 14th, represents the variety of the Swedish band’s repertoire. The songs on the debut album are “a mix of different tunes in Swedish, English, Norwegian and Spanish”, that give an insight into the diversity of the band. All eight songs are based on the raw acoustic setup of the three band members Manfred, Julius and Marie and got its final sound of a lot of featured guest musicians (best friends) and instruments.

I was gone, I was done, Out of fire, I rose

The album starts with “Daenerys”, a mystic sounding song which truly gives hope in every situation with its simple but strong lyrics. The opener represents the developing sound of the album and forecasts what you can expect. The next song is “Super Market”, which is an up-tempo song that invites you to move immediately. The song is creating a good mood and has a very strong bridge, where all voices are layered in complexity and heart warming harmonies.

While “Dancing On The Mountains” remembers perfectly of a country song with its tumbling bass and the slides of the dobro, the next track “Devils (Of This Town) is the most electric one of the album. “Ut På Tur, Aldri Sur” is supposed to be the final part of the previous song and leads to the album’s peak: “Stuffed Animals”. This track is an up-tempo 90s sounding indie pop song with a dreamy tone.

The instrumental track “Resning” heralds the end of the debut album. With its calm piano it perfectly works as an introduction to the last track “Guadalquivir”. It’s a Scandinavian duet that is carried by the dreamy sound of an accordion. The album end is rung by a beautiful part, in which all the voices are combined and generate wide and tremendous harmonies.

The dreamy sounds of the album perfectly adapt to the autumn season and is definitely worth listening to. Here you go:

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