Snoopy Carlitos Aldana: “Music has supported me as a kind of psychological therapy.”

Death is a very important topic for a lot of people in Mexico. While we stayed with couchsurfers in Mexico City, we met up with local rapper Snoopy Carlitos Aldana. In an interview with us, he tells us how he incorporates death & friendship into his music, and talks about his relationship to Mexico and its people. Watch the video below.

It’s a bright and sunny day and we’ve all gathered up at one of Mexico City’s many patios in a neighborhood where a lot of couples and families live, not far away from the center. We drink coffee and listen to Carlitos’ voice while we record a part of one of his songs which deals with the bad conditions in Mexico. During the interview, we realize that we’re getting to know a very humble and intelligent guy from Mexico City who although has been through some very bad situations in his youth, stays positive, calm, organized and enjoys what he’s doing.

To deal with bad memories from his youth, music has served as “a kind of psychological therapy”, Carlitos explains. Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain, he says that he doesn’t care as much about other people’s opinions as he cares about the value and essence of his work. To him, it is important to find what he’s looking for and to like it.

A huge part of his music deals with death, and so do his tattoos that he shows us during the interview. Most of the tattoos were dedicated to his friends who died in peace or through violence, he tells us, while others represent the devil – which he’s sure of having seen before.

In the future, he would like to reach an audience outside of Mexico to share his ideas and topics with the world. Recently, he’s released a new music video for his song “Ruinas“. Carlitos, best of luck and thanks for your time! We also thank our Bogotá correspondent Nathaly and Mariana for editing our subtitles, and of course, we thank Hannah for doing this fantastic bilingual interview.

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