Are you ready for a musical journey through Mine’s world? We sure hope so. Besides the magazine’s focus on the music scene in Mainz, we will have an eye on cool music from Berlin from now on and make use of a vast network we have in the capital. “Playlist by” will be a new format to introduce tracks that were chosen by artists we love. As for playlist 01, we couldn’t have found a better person to kick things off for us: Mine.

Although Mine is a Berlin-based artist, she calls both Berlin and Mainz her home. In the last few years she’s had her creative outbursts that included collaborations with Fatoni or AB Syndrom – to name a few. Just recently she released her album “Klebstoff” which seems to be the most meaningful and complete work of her so far. Her music is on point and her performance is as confident as it can get – thanks to an excellent education at jazz singing at University of Mainz and producing/composing at Popakademie Baden Württemberg.

Now that you know a little more about the creator of the first playlist, we’ll let you go and enjoy this Fauves exclusive.

Thanks, Mine!

Foto: Simon Hegenberg