Sports Team – an exciting band to bring back the fun in today’s guitar music world

Foto: Lauren Maccabee

If you think the days of punk-rock infused Art Brut and The Libertines are over, you’ve been missing out on the buzzing, London-based, Cambridge-formed indie six-piece Sports Team that’s currently creating a stir all over the guitar music world.

“The best way you can hang out with your mates is to form a band, believe me,” frontman Alex Rice from Sports Team says. “It’s the best way to be a group, being a gang. What do you get to do? Go around Europe together in a van and shout at people every night? Brilliant.” Said and done. One of the band’s main themes is the romanticising and valorising of mundane things of suburban life in Britain. Watching their music videos, you’ll most probably find them crashing out, traveling the open road with their heads sticking out of the window or dancing wildly like nobody is watching.

Just as any other song by Sports Team, their new track “Here it Comes again” will take us back to the 1990s when indie was still rock ‘n’ roll and miles away from a self-serious perfectionism-production. Sports Team are contenting themselves with fast, bashing speak-singing and dagger-sharp guitar lines that seem to be inspiried by energy-driven band Parquet Courts.

“There’s no money in guitar music. The press isn’t really looking at it… So if you’re not having fun, why are you doing it?” says Alex on vice in 2018. Their latest EP, “Keep Walking!”, centers on “being summery, being together, being bunked in the same room, and how we lived and ate at that time,” Alex describes, and even though they’ve become a much talked about band these days, worshipping community and simple fun is what matters in the end.

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