Lilli Rubin bring about them this cool je ne sais quoi vibe with debut EP “Playsie”

On Friday, August 23rd, Lilli Rubin released their EP “Playsie”. Those who have seen Lilli Rubin preform live know that the band is always full of energy and bring about them this cool je ne sais quoi vibe, a vibe they were able to transmit onto their EP.

A project that was in the works for some time and I was more than excited to finally hear the final version and see the art behind it. The PlayStation controller themed cover combined with paintings and photographs cleverly represent each individual song, the function of it and its interpretation (not to mention the cheeky wordplay).

Consisting of four songs, “Veronika”, “Galaxie”, “Nacht” and “Wortlos”, Playsie addresses some interesting topics in the midst of its lyrics whilst leaving enough space for the listener to make their own philosophical interpretations. Themes such as platonic love, passion, superficial flattery and the pensive feeling one gets at 5am after an awesome party are personal favourites of mine. The band conveys to their listener a different perspective on life as they boldly express their troubles, love and devotion.

Moreover, Lilli Rubin was able to establish itself as an independent entity and stray away from their previous rocker days with “Playsie”. They have created an incredibly unique sound that I still can’t quite put my finger on. It is this amazing mix that they took from a lingering noise that was constantly featured in the 60s, 70s and 80s forgotten about in the 90s and 2000s and resurrected by the band with a pop/indie twist.

With “Playsie”, Lilli Rubin produced a coherent piece of modern art. Organic sound, cool guitar hooks, husky vocals married with stable drum beats, consistent keys and a mighty bass are featured on every single track. The band takes an interesting approach to modern day life, music production and the way they connect with their fans. “Playsie” is simple, creative and an EP that you’ll be listening to on repeat.

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