Good Morning Yesterday releases two new songs in await for their upcoming debut album

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Mainz-based band Good Morning Yesterday‘s debut EP “Grean Sea” made many people open their eyes to their lovely vocals and beautifully melancholic folk gems. Now you can find two new songs, live recordings, on Spotify: “Gregory” and “Holograms”. Both songs will be included on their upcoming debut album.

In today’s music industry where there are a dozen of singer-songwriters and folk bands, it can often be difficult to distinguish one from another. This is often the reason why many bands easily overproduce their music or fall to a mainstream music market that’s dependent on hooks and clicks. In these times, it’s hard to find music that’s unique with a clean, authentic instrumental sound and a meaningful message.

But every now and then, something pops up and you know that the sound and its people behind it are real. You get hypnotized until the music goes quiet. That’s the case with Good Morning Yesterday. Listening to their music live or at home, it is easy to feel a proximity to their work because many of their songs deal with inner feelings that we can relate to.

“I can’t believe that it’s burning again”, sing Good Morning Yesterday on “Gregory”. It’s a calm, quiet and peaceful song that completely focuses on the singer’s voice. It’s a song that wants to make you escape, to get away, to walk through the foggy woods and to end up in a small, cozy home thinking about life while drinking tea.

Asked about the song, the band reveals us that it is a song “about a relationship where one part tries to withdraw because it cannot endure the peace and grounding created by the connectedness. The song tells of the inner conflict of wanting to help someone who needs support or letting go in order to care for yourself”.

“Holograms” has a similiar warm sound with a very peaceful piano part and a soft violin play. Its lyrics however deal with an emotionally cold society and the attempt to find ways to distance oneself from it.

Both new songs create an inviting and relaxed setting, in which musicians and music are bound together in a way that feels absolutely natural and harmonic. With their music, the band from Mainz wants to “empower and help people with whatever they’re dealing with”. Their upcoming album will certainly provide a medium to sit back, breath and calm down.

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