KYTES to release “Alright” as a remix by Grammy award winning remixer RAC

Foto: Michael Mederacke

Having remixed songs for bands such as Bloc Party, Au Revoir Simone, Tokyo Police Club, Two Door Cinema Club and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic, Grammy award winning remixer RAC teamed up with Munich-band KYTES. For their song “Alright”, he has filtered out its essentials to make it even more energetic and fun than it already was.

RAC, or André Allen Anjos, has been involved in music and music recording since he was about 15 years old. Starting off by using a music production program called eJayby that he found in his cereal box while having breakfast, he joined remix competitions “like the ones on where you could win free swag from Sony or something” (BehindtheSetlist). Eventually, RAC ended up winning a “MP3 player and a box of CDs” ( for his remix of “Galvanize” at a My Chemical Brothers remix competition. His career really took off after producing a remix of The Shins’ 2007 track “Sleeping Lesson” – with several Nr.1 hits on hype machine.

Putting his early hype aside, what becomes apparent early in “Sleeping Lesson” (RAC) is his song-oriented approach. Although his job is to rearrange a track by filtering out its individual parts and changing up its ryhthm and structure, RAC’s trademark lies in keeping true to the original song.

His work on “Alright” does exactly that. He’s building on the already existent, bouncy chorus, adds a few more synthie effects and drum samples and enables the song to become even more straightforward and direct by moving around the chorus and putting more focus on the guitar sounds.

Knwowing about his Hot Chip fandom and the fact that RAC only remixes songs he likes nowadays, it’s clear why he likes KYTES’ “Alright”. It’s a happy summer song that has the same fast pace as “Over and Over” and a similar warm-synthed, floaty sound as in “Ready For the Floor”.

KYTES will be touring Germany in 2020. Make sure to go visit one of their shows! Am 17.3. spielen sie im Schlachthof in Wiesbaden. Tickets dazu kann man auf unserer Instagram Seite gewinnen!

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