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Querbeat Press

The exams are over and the weather in Mainz has finally decided to be season appropriate, so the KUZ is celebrating everyone’s joy with their huge open air party in the first week of August.  For those of you who are like me and love a good local festival this event will definitely be something worth checking out. On the 2nd of August the KUZ will be hosting Querbeat.

A band consisting of thirteen members, playing the trumpet, trombone, tuba and the sax which they combine with pop and electro aspects in their music. They are as bizarre as they sound but their music is everyone’s guilty pleasure and will keep you bopping throughout the whole night with the biggest smile on your face. After all, their new album “Randale & Hurra” made it on the Top 10 list! So come on down to the new KUZ location, bring your friends and celebrate summer with Querbeat.

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