The Cash Crops – new West-Coast indie music made in Mainz

Foto: Cash Crops Press

Like a west coast indie group, the 5-piece Mainz band The Cash Crops incorporates Afro-Pop and Britpop flavors, that range from 2010 high-life sounds a lá Fool’s Gold to Foals-like 2009 math-rock, into their music.

The band’s debut EP, “We are Cash Cox Club” (2015), is a mix of six repeat-ready singles that are infused by spiky and sunny guitar riffs. Looking back towards their first EP today, all band members agree that “We are Cash Cox Club” is a snapshot of who they were at that time – which is reflected by lyrics of “Oaktown” or “Streetfestival” that talk about their teenage lifes.

For their upcoming album that is due in early 2020, The Cash Crops opt to extent their bright and crisp sound that reminds us of Foals’ “Antidotes”, to produce a more mature, spontaneous and dynamic album. An exlusive listen to one of their samples reveals that the band will continue to deliver joyous, very danceable sound which seems to be a remarkable progression of their highschool “We are Cash Cox Club” EP, adding a midi-keyboard and more depths and dimension to their music.

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