Charlie Cunningham releases his second album “Permanent Way“

Foto: Peter Banks

Man, it’s hot outside! If you’re still looking for a way to cope with the current heat wave, we’ve got a suggestion for you: find a shadowy place, grab your cold drink of choice and put on Charlie Cunningham’s new record “Permanent Way”. It’s the flamenco guitar sound and Charlie’s super soft voice that will transport you to a magical (and also much cooler) place right away. Promise.

Just in time for the summer weather to kick in, Charlie Cunningham graces us with his new album. “Permanent Way” is the British singer-songwriter’s second LP, following his debut album “Lines”, which was released in January 2017.

“Ugh – just another singer-songwriter…”, you think? “Wrong!”, I say. Charlie Cunningham combines a variety of different influences and instruments in his songs, which creates a unique and innovative sound. If you listen closely, you can hear trumpets, violins, violoncelli and many more, besides Charlie doing his magic on his guitar of course.

Another thing that is pretty special about “Permanent Way” as an album, is that the individual songs are so different from each other. While “Interlude (Tango)” gives you all the “Spanish-guitar-taking-an-evening-stroll-in-the-sunset” kind of vibe, “Bite” feels rather dark and super personal. The LP gives you a full variety of feelings – the good and the bad ones.

If you missed the singer’s last concert in Mainz in December 2017, don’t despair: you still got the chance to go to one of his shows nearby this summer: Charlie Cunningham will play at Centralstation Darmstadt on August 8th.

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