EAU ROUGE – “Under my Skin”

Stuttgart band EAU ROUGE follows its EP release “Closer” with another new single, “Under my Skin”. The band has also teamed up with U.S. artist James Ravelle Jr. to create a music video for the single that paints a vivid picture of today’s social media madness.

Welcome to 2019. Welcome to an age in which the digital world reformats our inner world, in which “reality and imagination are dating each other again”. Surfing the web today has become the TV-watching of yesterday: a zapping and swiping through instagram feeds, stories, netflix programs and news websites. It’s a move away from interactivity and a convergence to a state of interpassivity.

The digital world we now live in is giant, but empty. Big data and its loyal friend called algorithm manipulate our brain, thoughts and memories. They reduce us to the amount of clicks and views and serve us the same old dish of our taste, again and again. That way, our attention is constantly being dragged back to the things we already know.

The song itself sounds beautifully hazy and digital (in fashion of the EP’s Daft Punk soundalike “Closer”) – taking us back to a VHS universe of the 80s and 90s. It features a smooth but heavy, pummelling bass, sizzling drums, a breathy voice and a very accurate message that is picked up beautifuly by the song’s adrenalised video.

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