Sinu releases his debut EP “Koy”

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The debut EP “Koy” by singer-songwriter Sinu from Mainz offers an intertextual and interdisciplinary vision of youthful disillusionment backed up with an explosive sound.

Generation Y has always been a key word in Sinu’s work. His lyrics deal with a generation full of uncertainties, nostalgia and nothing to hold on to. His recently released debut EP “Koy” is full of metaphors and so is the interplay of lyrics and sound – as if a paralyzed teenager experiencing total disorientation is finally able to burst out his individuality, power and will to live.

“Chyna”, the first track of the EP, starts off with a very atmospheric but almost morbid sound. “Und ich kratz und reiß an deinem Ich, und irgendwann ersetz’ ich dich” are lines that introduce us to what seems to be one of the main themes of “Koy”: a tension between one’s self and a consumer and social-media-afflicted society.

When asked about his EP, Sinu tell us that while working on writing songs, one of his aims was to avoid writing overly complex lyrics and instead, play around with language to break with German word boundaries. However, despite the lyrics’ simplicity, the singer-songwriter loves to talk about his EP by using complex words. Among his favorites we can certainly list Geworfenheit, a term coined by famous philosopher Heidegger, which “denotes the arbitrary or inscrutable nature of Dasein that connects the past with the present” and describes “humans’ individual existences as ‘being thrown’ (geworfen) into the world” (thanks wikipedia).

To understand Sinu’s mental framework, earlier releases like his song “bin ich deutsch?” tell us about the singer-songwriter’s Turkish-German roots, his search for identity and his way of dealing with prejudices he had to face as soon as he entered Germany at the age of six. “Und sein Teenager-Herz hasste die 50% vom Bosporus immer mehr, und immer mehr” he sings on “bin ich deutsch?” and it gives us a climpse into what it may feel like to be thrown into the world.

It’s surprising to experience the change of sound on the second track, “Die Deponie (ist voll von früher)” which is characterized by more groove and lighter sounds. It almost feels like this is a song that attempts to escape from one’s own miseries and all capitalist forces. „Dein Bettbuffet ist angerichtet, neben dir auf #netflix leben andere die Zwanziger für dich. Wo sind die Zwanziger nur hin?“ he asks on his track, and it becomes clear that this is a track that deals with a generation that’s disconnected from real life and rather stays at home in front of their screens. The result of such an overstimulation through media can therefore only be a still-standing mind that is incapaple to organise its world of the past, present and future.

“1²” is one of Sinu’s trademark songs that’s been around for quite some time. Its remake though fascinates with a new, roaring and somewhat confident sound that includes experimental elements that are out of this world. Together with his Berlin friends Jakob Joiko and Andre Moghimi from Fewjar, Sinu builds up an explosive climax at the end of a song which started as a tranquil night-time chant about thoughts that you have about the transitory nature of time and love – once you’re drunk at 4AM.

The final track, “Koy” then is a classic feel-good singer-songwriter song in which Sinu picks up his guitar to take us on a metaphorical trip to the sea. “Wir sind wie Fische im Sand”, one metaphor, explains a situation in which love came to an end but has yet to be realized and accepted by its two parts. It’s a peaceful track that gets under your skin, and so his Sinu’s entire EP that wants us to return to our inner self and, just as the two fish, seek for “Land and Licht”, or in terms of generation y, guidance and mindfulness.

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