With her single “Du fühlst dich gut an”, singer-songwriter Lissy Fey (Mainz) shows us her ability to multi-task and switch between synth-bass, piano and voice to make her song sound dynamic, varied and joyful.

The dynamics of the song come from Lissy’s variation of certain lines of the lyrics, which she repeats and rearranges while the accompanying drums drop and pick up the beat several times. This, together with the trumpet, which joins the setting at the end of the song, creates a highly energetic song which sounds both strong and soft.

The lyrics of “Du fühlst dich gut an” reflect a state of unity, warmth and intimacy in a cosy relationship. It’s a song that brings joy and makes us eager to keep on listening to her voice – in the end, that’s all we are looking for in music.

Foto: David Georgos