Ein Tag am Rhein and Verboten crew to bring back international electronic music to Mainz on Sunday, April 21st

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For a fourth time, the Verboten crew will host “Ein Tag am Rhein” in Mainz, a one-day-festival which celebrates the best acts of international and local electronic music. We met up to talk about the festival’s line up, the venue Altes Postlager, as well as the beginnings of “Ein Tag Am Rhein”.

Hey! What are you up to right now?

— We are currently at the festival venue, preparing everything for tomorrow.

What’s going to happen on Sunday? Who’ll be there?

— We run our boutique festival “Ein Tag am Rhein” the 4th time in a row. It will be a beautiful, underground electronic experience. We serve music on two floors, streetfood, yoga & more. It starts at 12pm till the next day 10 am, 22 hours, puuhh.

The artists are a mix of international headliners like Oliver Koletzki, Coyu, Karotte, Teenage Mutants, Christian Smith, Drunken Kong and our residents & friends from all over the world.

When did you guys start “Ein Tag am Rhein” and what are you most satisfied with when looking at the development of the event?

— Ein Tag am Rhein is one of the side brands of our agency “Verboten”. We started 3 years ago at Planke Nord, with the idea of bringing international music to our hometown without losing our values …and three years later, we still stick to this mindset – I think that’s what satisfies us the most. Our events now take place 25 times a year on 3 different continents. Intimate events, underground, handcrafted and doing everything with love, that’s what we stands for. Also, it’s nice to see, that people from all over the world visit our events in our hometown.

Could you give us a brief description of the venue, Altes Postlager?

— There is so much creativity and diversity at the venue. We have already seen so much venues in the whole world, this is maybe the most impressive one. What the owners have build there is incredible. 

What’s your stand on the electro music scene here in Mainz?

— We have a lot of good, small promoters, but only few venues, actually no venues. We will work with some of the promoters again this year, to become stronger.

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