Loft Arts Music – Maldaner Coffee Roasters Wiesbaden, April 5th

Foto: Johanna Weichhart

The Loft Arts crew from Mainz has done it again: After hosting various successful live music events at LUUPS shop Mainz and their home loft at Frauenlobstraße, last week, April 5th, they went all in for something bigger when pulling out a spectacular show with Peter Manns, 9TYSVN and Die Gestalten.

Before requesting a towel to wipe off his sweat dripping off his face, Peter Manns wants his audience to go crazy and make some noise for his final song: “Conversation Debatin”. Along with Peter Manns, who has been described as a rapper “filled with raw talent and innovative style exemplifying the emotions and experience of urban youth”, local R&B/Soul band 9TYSVN with its ridiculously talented singer and Mainz-based hiphop group Die Gestalten were invited to entertain and take us through the night.

As people of all kinds, be it super cool hipsters wearing bucket hats, students on their night out or men dressed up in suits were flocking into Maldaner Coffee Roasters, one could stroll around the venue’s beautiful backyard or get oneself pumped up with a tasty espresso gintonic. The venue, which is run by Sebastian Schulz and not to be confused with Café Maldaner, a traditional 1859 cake and coffee paradise (owned by his parents), is situated at the vibrant and international district “Westend” in Wiesbaden. A guest standing beside me nails it when he says that this place might become the cities’ hot spot for an urban experience and quality music.

Foto: Johanna Weichhart

No wonder the boys from Loft Arts jumped in to host a series of unplugged live concerts in the near future – opting to give local but also big, international artists a cozy and authentic space to perform. Due to their own involvment in music, it’s no surprise that these night’s artists are well picked. Leo, one of the founders, tells me that they want their events to be diverse, intimate and exlusive. He further notes that the event’s purpose is not only to boost the local music scene, but also to go international by producing professional clips ready for youtube. He concludes that in the near future, Loft Arts Music will host some of the most talented artists from all over the world.

Tonight we already get a selection of internationally acclaimed artists and local bands ranging between oldschool hiphop, neo soul, funk and deutschrap. 9TYSVN, a recently formed trio from Wiesbaden, start off an exciting night at Maldaner Coffee Roasters. Although the band’s members are still very young, musically, they already sound as mature as it can get. The lead singer fascinates the audience with her warm, powerful, soul diva-like voice. It’s their third song, “You sent me flying” by Amy Whinehouse, when she releases her full potential. The song is followed by one of their own songs, “Strong Romance”, and their performance ends with a passionate version of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkely – which convinces the last person standing that this band’s music is extraordinary and individual. Asked about 9TYSVN after the show, many people in the audience were flattered, commenting on the singer’s amazing vibe, her freshness and how the band did everything to put the lead singer’s voice at the center of attention.

Foto: Johanna Weichhart

Peter Manns‘ live performance, which was next, suggests that he has a lot in common with hiphop’s biggest artists as he’s floating around and immediately turns the place into a mad house by sharing his energy and positivity on stage. The crowd’s heating up while the singer’s bright personality shines through in every song. If there is one pattern with Peter Manns, it’s certainly his songs’ strong messages that deal with his negative experiences and personal triumphs, as well as his desire to be united with his crew, inner circle and his audience. The rapper is flanked by local musicians, who were spontaneously gathered up together – most notably a talented guitarist, who impressed with his super clean blues and jazz riffs.

Foto: Johanna Weichhart

Last up was Die Gestalten from Mainz, who put on a highly energetic performance, coupled with deep lyrics and a fusion with Latin American elements. All arms were up and the singer seemingly enjoyed himself on stage while blasting out phrases about politics or day-to-day life. One of the evening’s highlights was their song “Viajando por la vida”, in which the whole atmosphere of the venue changed into a Latin American salsa dance hall – reminding a few people of some of the trumpet-based songs of Cat Empire.

Foto: Johanna Weichhart

What a night, what a crowd, what a venue. The place is jam-packed with people who are satisfied of such a wonderful show that had everything: passion, intimacy and great music. We want more and we get more – May 24th will be yet another chance to experience Loft Arts Music.

Photos by Johanna Weichhart: Website/Portfolio ( Thanks!

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