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Film production company dropout-films (Mainz) teamed up with ARD and ZDF’s content network funk as well as Jules Kalmbacher, singer-songwriter & music producer from Mannheim, to give birth to a project called HOOKLINE.

Mannheim seems to be the place where people cover songs and change up its genre completely. A year ago, Blörk’s 2001 electronic and experimental album „Vespertine“ has been staged as an opera at the Nationaltheater Mannheim. In almost similar fashion, Mannheim-based project HOOKLINE choses two songs of two different genres and aims to reproduce both songs in one another’s genre.

Dropout-films’ clean-produced videos, which air on Youtube, are usually titled as something like “Bausa vs. The Kinks”, “Seeed vs. Bilderbuch” or “Mando Diao vs. Louis Armstrong”. The latter for instance turns Mando Diao’s poppy and fast-paced “Shake” into a black&white, jazzy, slowed down cover of one of Louis Armstrong’s finest tunes.

Their “HOOKLINE HOW-TO” videos introduce the two songs, present an analysis of their different genres and break down both songs’ ingredients – speed, rhythm, instruments, hooks. This is where Jules Kalmbacher’s knowledge and passion comes into play. Introducing his project he says that: “For me, music is kind of like cooking: the uniqueness of a song depends on how you combine, season and refine your ingredients”.

Hookline Press

The two men in charge -Jules Kalmbacher, and Daniel Seideneder from dropout-films- have a long history of working with music and film. Kalmbacher has been producing music for no other than Xavier Naidoo und Mark Forster. Seidenender’s production company most notably has been in charge of many ZDF and ZDFNeo productions, as well as many TV commercials, films and music videos.

Their newest project, HOOKLINE, is a creative and innovative attempt to conquer the WWW. At the center of every video is their love for music and their desire to get to the core of each song. Together with musicians from all over Germany they deliver mashed-up songs that will be unique in its sound, arrangement and wit.

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