The Bland – “17”

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Stockholm-based The Bland‘s single “17” which came out this February 2019 tells the band’s journey to the past while its sound looks ahead into an exciting future, full of changes and new music approaches.

One aspect that is very important for any band but more so for The Bland in 2019 is the desire to progress, evoke and change up their sound as they tell us: “Our last album was more about us getting to know each other – it was recorded live, and our focus was more on our band dynamic rather than serious productions. This changes now”.

Listening to earlier albums like “Each Bend I Pass” (2018) or “Strangers on the Side of the Street” (2014) and comparing it to their newest single “17”, it is hard to believe this is the same band as they drift heavily from their traditional folk and americana genre to more of a catchy indie sound with an electronic touch: “this song (’17’) and all to come right now are part of a very experimental process. We’re mixing new and old recording techniques as well as sounds and we look for every element to stand out and hopefully sometimes to provoke”.

Ain’t no secret anymore that two of the band’s members are none others than Linus and Hannes Hasselberg, “two of Sweden’s best producers”, as The Bland indicates, revealing that “they right now produce some of the biggest artists in Sweden”.

The other half of the band, Axel Öberg and Anton Torstensson, are in charge of the songwriting, and fauves wanted to know more about the story behind “17”. Axel tells us that “17” is ” is all about running away from things. It’s a journey to what was before, and viewing youth from another point of view. I experienced lots of things you shouldn’t as a person so young, and so did the other person I wrote this song about. It changed our whole life and I will always wonder if things would change if we could go back”.

Just as we’ve imagined, the recordings of “17” and what’s to come take place in a little red cabin South of Stockholm. Furthermore, they will head over to Germany to record a part of the album in a castle near Hof in June. Talking more about their future plans, Axel says that they’ll also shoot a documentary and “arrange a castle show where we hope to invite friends and interesting people we’ve met through Europe on tour and also of course media. We’d love more people to become part of our family, so why not invite everyone to a big castle party”.

We are in for a treat here and who knows how else upcoming releases (next single: April 12th) of this exciting Swedish band will sound like. So how will it sound? Is it going to be something like either Tame Impala, Paul Simon, Father John Misty, Mac Demarco or Weyes Blood -all bands that the Swedes currently listen to- or something completely different? According to Axel, the upcoming album should “take you to that feeling, you know, when you just wake up but you don’t know what’s real or what’s a dream. You’re lying in bed with the sun warming up your face, but in your head you’re also on the back of a winged bear flying down a rainb…. ok I’m loosing it. Sorry. But seriously – something like that”.

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