Baby Missiles – “I Can’t Win”

Baby Missiles Press

Göteborg singer Patrik Wennberg and his band Baby Missiles just released their second single “I Can’t Win” which is a duet featuring Tuva Lodmark from Pale Honey.

As Baby Missiles puts it, the song is about Patrick’s and Tuva’s experience going through a breakup. Both wanted “to tell the stories we were living through but from our separate viewpoints, me as the one being dumped and Tuva as the one leaving.”

“We’re enemies on separate sides / Flying with broken wings” is a line that characterizes the lyrics. While telling their stories separately, the song is also a piece of balance and mutual unterstanding as it allows the singers to show each other’s reality in the most honest and intimate manner – coupled with stormy drums, piano at piece and a shared chorus in which both singers vary their voice to hit a sweet spot in their harmonies.

“I Can’t Win” was produced by Anders Lagerfor and recorded at Nacksving Studios. The Artwork was done by Nelly Daltrey.

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