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Put on your pumped up kicks to look good on the dancefloor because on the 22nd of January, music club Caveau in Mainz is kicking off the new year with Swedish indie at its best: Oxen from Stockholm. The band’s currently on tour through Germany presenting their newest album “Postpone and Forget”. In a short, Stockholm-tone interview with Fauves, they express their feelings for the capital’s music scene, band contests and music producers.

“Take me on a trip back to your town” you sing on your album’s first track “Årstaberg”. To start with, could you take us on a trip to your town, Stockholm, for a while? Guide us around to your favorite (music) places and stop at Årstaberg!

Oxen: The trip to Stockholm would start with having a tall expensive beer at Peppar, followed by another even more expensive beer at Indigo. Next stop would be Restaurang Carmen, one of our favorite places. And if we were in it for a long night we’d probably end up at Under Bron or Slakthusområdet.

You have been cooperating with Swedish music producer György in the past. What has been his input to your music?

Oxen: György came up with a lot of ideas concerning the drum beats, the Moog and fancy tricks. The song structures were pretty much done before we started though.

Do you think it is important to have a well-produced song these days? Why?

Oxen: I think now that everyone can produce their own music you easily underestimate the importance of a competent producer in the studio. Even if we trust ourselves with the task of putting a recording together it’s great to have an extra opinion in the room.

About your song “Soulmate” you say that it “touches that feeling we all know so well, the feeling of not being enough” (fms-mag). Could you explain that a bit more?

Oxen: Well, It’s a love song and really not so much more than that. But I suppose, if you love someone, and think highly of that person, you sometimes have to question how on earth that person can be in love with someone like yourself.

Over here in Mainz, smaller bands start out with band contests to get heard and reach a bigger audience. Is it the same with you?

Oxen: Yeah, guess there’s a bunch of those contests here as well. But don’t know, is there any band who ever “made it” by winning such a contest? Overall it’s kind of silly competing in music.

What is the difference between the music scene in Göteborg and Stockholm? How would you characterise both scenes?

Oxen: Göteborg only wants bands from Göteborg and Stockholms doesn’t want any bands at all. More elegantly put, I think the music scene in Sweden overall is moving in the wrong direction with venues closing down and all that stuff.

Lastly, you will tour Germany soon. How do you imagine Mainz? Please write a few lines on your imagination and the things that only exists in your mind about Mainz! (Reference to “Limbo”)

Oxen: The only thing we know about Mainz is how to spell it. But so far no city has been disappointing and everyone has been super duper jupiter, so pretty sure Mainz won’t let us down. Also probably everyone is kicking it on rollerblades.

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