Strange Cages (UK)

If you belong to those who have been longing to see a great Garage & Psych-Surf Rock band perform in Mainz, you do not have to wait any longer: Strange Cages are here. Regarded as one of the “country’s most vivid live acts”, they have been dropping a short interview for us to prepare for tonight’s gig at schon schön, 21:30 (doors: 20:30).

Could you tell us a bit about your music background?

Our music comes from the seedy streets of Brighton. Our drummer was raised by a pack of wolves and learnt drums from the rhythms of their murderous panting.

What did you want to express on your newest EP “Silver Queen”? And what’s written on these notes that you can see on the EP’s cover?

We wanted to show the despair and fragile beauty of delusion. With lots of energy. The notes on the wall are the scrawlings of the ‘Silver Queen’. He thinks he’s a cult leader, but he’s just a madmam alone in his room.

Why should people come to your concert tonight at schon schön?

If you want to keep your blood hot and remind yourself that you’re still alive then we are here to assist you!

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