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It’s been a wonderful affair when Easy October opened up for Torpus & The Art Directors on Tuesday at schon schön in Mainz. Over at fauves we decided to reestablish our old column “Nachgehakt” to draw back upon last night’s concert and get some insights from Easy October himself. In case you missed his show, we included a little soundbite that we recorded before the concert.

Hej! How was the concert?

It was a great concert! I love playing in Mainz and schon schön is one of my favourite venues in Germany. Great audience, great sound and always a good afterparty.

We know that this is the first time you are being the support instead of headlining. What experiences did you make?

It’s a really nice experience and one of the biggest reasons for that is probably because I’ve become really good friends with Torpus & The Art Directors. It’s also nice not to have the pressure on you every night that you should draw a big crowd.

What kind of songs did you play?

My set was a mix of all my albums. With a slightly bigger focus on the latest album I’ve released, “Tangled up in black”. Even though that’s a very band orientated album I think I’ve managed to do some nice stripped down versions.

Could you tell us a little bit about your new album? What is characteristic of it?

Well it’s more of a pop record than before, and as I just mentioned it’s very band orientated with a lot of different pianos and synthesizers. But as usual when it comes to the music of Easy October the main focus is on the stories and storytelling.

Last, what is your connection with Mainz? You seem to love coming here.

Ever since the first show here in 2014 I’ve always had a great feeling about the city and the people. And I’ve made really nice friends, which is one of the best things about touring. Being able to meet people that you’ve never would have met otherwise. It’s a beautiful thing!

Tack Kris och vi ses snart! puss och kram

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