Unsere beliebteste Reihe ist zurück: 5 Lieder mit …FENC/S. Im Rahmen der französischen Woche wird uns am Samstag, den 17.11., FENC/S aus unserer Partnerstadt Dijon besuchen. Für die stark von FOALS beeinflusste Indie-Pop Band steht ein passender Veranstaltungsort zur Verfügung, das schon schön (mit dem Haus Burgund als Mitveranstalter). Ob sie wohl in die Take Me Out DJ-Liste des schon schöns aufgenommen werden? Einlass 20:30 | Beginn 21:00 | Eintritt: FREI

A song to relax to: 

Simply because they are the best band in the world. Their inventiveness is so huge and they are the perfect example that artists can make refined music and be internationally popular.

A song we love to dance to: 

Little bit of disco influences, strong rhythms, cheap but clever sounds and melodies that remain in your head for hours and hours. A perfect recipe!

Favorite French song:

It’s one of the best french songwriters of all time, it’s poetry and prosody staying unequally still. So melancolic and right in its perfromance too. In this song, Ferré sings with accuracy and simplicity about the decline of the human being. A monument.

One our favorite songs:

It’s a hard song by the Belgian band BRNS with powerful beats that slowly evolves and brings you toward a trance state. It’s a perfect song that shows how indie rock and electro/techno can meet and create a hybrid style of music.

On Sundays, we love listening to this song:

A kind of music that is pretty smooth and that matches very well with the mood of a chill sunday. The bass line and the choirs are so good and the song is sung with the nonchalance typical of a Sunday!

Foto: FENC/S Press

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