Skaferlatine kommt zurück ins Reduit

Dass die Damen und Herren von der SKA Reduit ein Geschick bei der Wahl von Ska und Reggae Legenden haben, ist schon oft bewiesen worden. Kein Wunder also, dass diesen Samstag, 15.09. um 21:00 (Einlass 20:30), ein paar altbekannte Franzosen im Reduit vorbeischauen. Die französische Gruppe Skaferlatine war nämlich bereits in den 90er Jahren zu Gast in Mainz-Kastel. Dieses Mal bringen sie ihre Nachbarn aus dem Elsass mit, The Clockmakers. Wir haben erstere Band vorab interviewt.

This year you will make your comeback at Reduit after having played here a couple of times. How do you like the Reduit and what experiences did you make there?

We think that we have played in Mainz-Kastel at least one or two times at a festival in the 90’s and also one or two times at Reduit, also in the 90’s. So imagine that the first time there was about 20/25 years!

The one at Reduit is one of the most legendary and oldest ska festivals in Deutschland and Europe. We met and shared the stage with mythic bands there and the atmosphere was always good. We love it, it’s still something sepcial for us!

90s to now, 2018: What’s new with your band? What can we expect from your concert on September 15th?

We did a new album in 2016 with the actual line-up. So you can heard all the songs of this album now in concert. Also we still play some old songs for the old guys, ahahahaah…

Your last album is called « Séries noires pour nuits blanches ». What message lies behind your album theme?

The title is something like a joke in French ! “Noires” and “Blanches” means Black and White in English, the colors of ska. “Séries noires” are detective, horror films and “Nuits blanches” means that you don’t sleep during the night … With this album we return to our debut a little bit, that’s what the people said …

How would you see yourself in the traditional ska genre context?

Skaferlatine is still playing his own style. We have our own energy. It’s a mix with ska and rock with some touches of reggae. Today bands usually play one style of ska, rocksteady or early reggae or two tone ska. Don’t forget that we are from the 90’s.

Is there something unique about ska that’s coming from France?

Perhaps there is something special about the bands of our generation ! Lot’s of bands mixed ska with other styles and also with a festive mood. Perhaps also because French people don’t speak and sing English very well, ahahahahah!

You will play with The Clockmakers. How would you describe this band?

They are from Strasbourg, so we’re all from the East of France. We played together one year ago. They play a kind of a mix of ska and soul with Mélanie, the girl singer. They are great! For sure it will be an original night at Reduit …..

Thanks for the interview & au revoir!

Foto: Skaferlatine Press

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