Die Jungs von WE ARE ROME aus der Mainzer Nachbarschaft haben heute ihre neue Single “Wild Sines” als Brücke zwischen alter EP und dem im Herbst/Winter 2018 neu erscheinenden Album veröffentlicht. Synthie-Experte Anton Alvin von FLAWS aus Göteborg hat sich das ganze Mal angehört und etwas über Song & Video geschrieben.

All roads lead to WE ARE ROME. Apparently, they’re the best band from Schweppenhausen. Their new single “Wild Sines” sounds like a co-production from U2 and Rick Astley, maybe with a small pinch of Sigur Rós from the past. It’s exciting to step into the 80’s flirting world of WE ARE ROME, and after listening to earlier releases, I really feel like they’re reinventing themselves.

The beautiful production shows that the band has the good taste of letting irony shine through, without loosing their own sound and giving it away to easy. The song ending with the best and worst guitar part I ever heard, leaves me moved, and I repeat the song a couple of times before realising this quick infatuation might actually lead to love. Moritz has a voice that moves me, and the beauty of music once again shines over me and takes me in to the night.

Text: Anton Alvin (FLAWS); Foto: WE ARE ROME Press

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