Lust auf eine Brise skandinavischer Sommerfrische? Hoffentlich, denn die könnt ihr euch demnächst im Heaven am Sedanplatz in Wiesbaden abholen und die Crew von Dofhiort’n um Manfred, Julius und Marie aus Vänersborg kennenlernen. Sie werden uns nämlich hier besuchen und mit einem Auftritt am Mittwoch den 13.6. auf ihrer Damhirsch Tour beglücken. Los geht’s gegen 20 Uhr. Vorab gibt es in unserem bereits zweiten Interview mit der Band noch Lektüre zu den Sympaticos. Einen ausführlichen Artikel über die besondere Connection mit Göteborg/Vänersborg mit Mainz und Wiesbaden gibt es in einem früher erschienenen Artikel auf fauves.

You know each other for about 20 years?! Now you are touring and spending a lot of time together. is it always harmony and do you understand each other implicitly or are there some friendship struggles sometimes?

Julius: Haha, oh yeah. We’ve always said that we’re first and foremost friends, and second we’re bandmates.

Manfred: Yes! We met each other in first grade when we were 7 years old. We started to play music together when we were in highschool.

That Changed?

Julius: Hm. Since we’ve lived apart for the past three years, the good friendship and Dofhiort’n, as our band, has been very important to us to stay in touch and keep all going. So, thanks for the music to ourselves!

Manfred: True. Sadly, we spend less time together now than we’ve used to since we live somewhat far apart. No. I don’t really think we struggle. We have lots of opinions but at the same time very few.

‘Less is less. And less is light, but light isn’t less’. It has been one of your statements in our first interviews with you guys. Can you explain this again? It sounds very funny and philosophical at the same time. Is simplicity one of your major life principles and we can hear this in your music?

Manfred: Haha. Julius has to answer for this one.

Julius: It’s not really philosophical, but thanks. It’s just a word play, I guess, or something else.

Manfred: As Yngwie Malmsteens says: „more is obviously more“. We think less is less. A somewhat “manifest”-ish idea for us when we started was to keep it light and simple, not necessarily sound wise, but more importantly weight wise, to be able to play anywhere at any time.

Julius: As Manfred said – we’ve started the duo to be light and acoustic, but maybe we’ve passed that now, unfortunately . Touring as a trio, recording with a full band, and so on… We’re being contradictive, haha.

Manfred: Limits can be very interesting. I think it adds a lot of intimacy to not put layers on layers but let the sounds sound. It adds a lot to let the sounds take shape of the environment that it’s being played in. The louder stuff does not really have that same ability.

In 2016 you have played in the Café Annabatterie in Mainz? What do you expect from your upcoming visit to this region? This time, it is in Wiesbaden, the neighbouring city. You already have the local-vibes?

Julius: Annabatterie has been a pleasure to both visit and play. I mean, probably because of the great welcoming and the great soups. Looking forward to see Wiesbaden, and to play Heaven. It’s gonna be fun!

Spain has an important role in the history of your band. Could you tell us something about it and does the song “Everyday is Saturday” reflect this?

Manfred: Ye! Julius was au pair in Catalonia and I visited him when he was there. We went backpacking in Andalusia and had no music project together as grownups for the first time.

Julius: What Manfred said. Dofhiort’n was founded there and by the time I lived in Catalonia, so all our songs were written there as well, which influences the songs.

Did you play some music over there as well?

Manfred: Yes, Julius had a solo concert booked back in town where his au pair parents lived and we rehearsed so that I could join him on that show. We borrowed a cajón from a local guy on a radiostation and I started to put rhythm and harmonies to Julius songs. We found some small drinking glasses with great sound so I played on those. It felt intimate and creative. It was nice to just play around with one person and be able to try any goofy stupid idea that popped up right a way. Spain has influenced us in many ways. Partially from the experiences on that trip, but also in a way how they setup their small local events. Sometimes we try to reach for a sound that we internally call “Spanish” but we don’t really know any traditional Spanish music. It’s more the feel of that fast-groove-guitar-thing. haha.

Julius: “Every Day Is Saturday” is just a reflection of what we experienced as the ‘south Spanish daily life’. Maybe we’ve gone passed our ”Spanish era” with Dofhiort’n and since I live in Norway now, probably that will influence the songs from now on. More snow and such, and less tapas and wine, but still songs about mountains!

What is new with Dofhiort’n and var tog vägen vägen (it’s Swedish and means ‘where does it/you go to’)? Could you also give us a brief introduction into Swedish basics… maybe more Swedish-Swedish than Köttbullar?

Julius: We’re recording an EP – with a full band – and will release it this autumn. 6 new and old songs to be recorded is a great feeling. We’ve always been a live band, but being in the studio is so much fun. Since we started recording last summer we haven’t stopped, we just want more. Hopefully you, who listen, will enjoy it as much as we do!

Manfred: We’re heading out on our third tour to Germany! This time with Marie on additional vocals and bass. This will be the first tour for me when we hit the road with car. Mmmmmm!

Julius: For Swedish; see our latest single ”Jason & Amanda” – that’s 7 minutes of what you’re looking for: buzzwords, slang, clichés, proverbs, poetic illustrations, meaningless sayings, puns, translations, rhymes and just words, words, words…

Tack, Tack, Tack. Vi ses snart! (Thanks, Thanks, Thanks. See you soon!)

Text: Dominik; Foto: All fotos from Pontus Eliassion

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