Live: Marla & David Celia

“We are all strangers and family, too, dreaming in circles, under the moon” singen Marla & David Celia von ihrem im Herbst erscheinenden gemeinsamen Album. Am 19.3. treten sie zum zweiten Mal im Schick & Schön auf. Los geht es um 21:00 (Einlass um 20:00).

Knowing about your trips and your history, it is obvious that Marla & David Celia is not only a music project, but also a love story. To the reader who may not know you that well, could you briefly tell us how you met and where it all started?

David: It was very organic. We were introduced by a friend who loves music. When we did meet up in Bonn we really got along and I started to admire her music and we began to produce her first album back in Canada, where I live. It was the time when we fell in love, … do you want to go on?

Marla: So he invited me over and we both said: “This is not happening, we won’t fall in love with each other”. We failed. We really didn’t want to be in relationships but somehow there was a spark and we did a tour together and we ended up doing this ever since. While we were on tour we would write songs and jam. Right now we are in the process of putting out a new album together for the first time.

When will it come out?

David: We hope it will come out by September 2018. The music is done now, we just have to manufacture CDs and find a way to get it out into the world.

I remember from your Annabatterie and Schick & Schön concert last year that you had separate sets. The first half you sang songs together, the second part each of you performed their songs by themselves. How is it going to be like this year? 

Marla: We still do a little bit of a wild medley. We have a lot of songs together but it is not enough to play a full show. We both have a past that is there. He has his songs, and I have my songs. We actually love to accompany each other. In a way we play our individual music but we do it in a David & Marla style.

David: The difference before was that we would first do Marla’s set and then my set. Now we are mixing it up.

Marla, one of your songs is called “In the Wind”. Is this just your song then, or did David have a say in this one?

This is a song that is part of my album that I wrote. David recorded and produced it. Also, it was him who did all of the instruments besides the guitar that I play.

There is this reoccurring theme in your songs that is also present in “In the Wind”: Two people not being on the same page but they still find each other on a different page. Could you explain this theme with the experiences that you made?

Marla: I had a boyfriend before and we realised that we were really different from each other. He is very religious and abstinent and I am more wild and I like to have a night where I drink and smoke. He did none of these things and he had a different perspective on life. We knew that we were in love anyways but sooner or later this would not going to work out anymore. I broke up in peace with him but I still had a lot of heart pain and was upset and nostalgic.

For 27tapes you picked “In the Wind” and “Cactus” to be the two songs recorded by them. Why did you pick these songs and what do you feel is significant about each song?

David: Marla’s song “In The Wind” seemed like an obvious choice because it’s the single from her album and we didn’t have a video of us performing it live yet. This song has meant the most to her since the beginning.

My song “Cactus” is a song from one of my earlier albums that resonates with us both as a duet and we choose to sing it at live shows. The theme of the song is something that most people might relate to which I like. Everyone knows someone who is like a “Cactus”.

Could you both name a song from your solo album and tell us, how the song changes, once your partner plays the song with you and adds his/her style?

Marla: Marais – David add’s decent notes to this song, which gives it depth in a very romantic way. His accompaniment has very classical aspects and also feeds the song with the authentic state that I was in when I wrote it, capturing the “weight on my shoulders” feeling that I was having at the time.

David:  She’s A Waterfall – Marla starts moving to the groove of this song before the singing even starts. Her voice locks very tightly with mine and add’s such a rich texture and lustful feeling that can be felt by everyone in the room, always re-inforcing that thing rock n roll is supposed to do.

How are themes going to be different on your new album that you produce together compared to Marla’s nostalgic break-up album?

David: I also went through some kind of break up time for a much longer period. Now that we are in a relationship with each other and write songs together, the first half of the album deals with topics related to the reality of our relationship, our age-difference, the distance. The other half is about how we view the world today. What is a child going to do that is born in this fast changing world, that is a question that we put out there.

Marla: The album will be called “Daydreamers”. Although we live in the now, we can’t help but be aroused by the beauty of the past. As you say, nostalgia plays a big role in our album, looking at this world and realizing, that people have desensitized themselves to detail.

I had some trouble to find a song that is from both of you. Recently I stumbled upon a foto from you standing out in the cold somewhere in the Black Forest. Is that a preview of a song that is on the first album by you guys?

David: Yes, that is from a video that we just finished shooting.

Marla: It was really really cold. A bunch of crazy guys from Mainz (Robert Schäfer, Joshua Glunz und Sebastian Deuss).

David: Robert was at the Annabatterie gig actually. That was the night, when, at the end of the show actually, he goes: “you guys, I’m gonna make a video for you!”. We didn’t get back to this offer until last week.

Don’t you just like Mainz?

Marla: We love Mainz, it is a very special place. I always felt that there is a good energy and there are lots of young people, culturally interested people – just a nice scene.

I saw a video of your tour through Russia. What did you experience while touring through the country and performing on stage. How did Russian people react to your music?

Marla: It was quite a mind-blowing trip because Russians are not getting a lot of live music from international acts. If you go to Siberia, which we did, people are really hungry for live music, they were very grateful and excited to hear other music influences coming from the Western world.

Did they understand your Western music? 

David: To add to what Marla was saying, Russians don’t get to hear a lot of indie and singer-songriter music. There were some very good crowds. Where we played, the promoters were very appreciative and the audience lined up for autographs like we were some rockstars.

Marla: There is a lot of music in Russia actually but people are getting used to Russian musicians. We had a blast traveling through the country. Most of the times we went by train. In 16 days we spend 101 hours on the train.

David: There is something about Russia that is fresh. It was an unforgettable experience. People opened the doors to their hearts and let us in for a real Russia experience.

Alright, that was it. See you on the 19th of March! Thanks for the interview!

Photo: (1) & (2) Oliver Sigloch; (3) Sebastian Deuss

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