Live: Balto (US, solo)

Portland band Balto is known for its intense and passionate “rootsy rock and roll” with “70s and 80s vibes” (vrtxmag). Dan Sheron, guitar player and singer of Balto, is currently touring Europe on its own. After having played a Küchenkonzert in Marburg, he will today show what he’s got at Dorret Bar in Mainz at 21:00. For fauves he revealed his favourite go-to songs.

Low Cut Connie – “Revolution Rock n Roll”

I saw my friend’s band open up for these guys in Portland maybe six months ago. They’re one of the best rock ‘n roll bands at it these days and this song touches some kind of raw nerve in that.

Dr. Dog – Listening In

Been digging on this new single from Dr. Dog for the last little while – I love the way the arrangement kind of creeps up on you – there’s this subtlety to it I totally admire.

Mo Troper – “Your Brand”

Mo Troper is one of my favorite artists in Portland – his writing is smart, incisive, and self-aware – and his voice rules. Check out the rest of Exposure and Response next time you’re on public transportation.

Smokey Brights – Desiree

Smokies are the best.period. They’re good friends and really make me miss living in the Northwest – They just released a new EP that rules – check it out too.

Jessica Lea Mayfield: “Sometimes At Night”

I’ve been coming back to this record for about 8 years. The songs are so brutal and good. It’s a great soundtrack to be lonely to.

Photo: Balto Press

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