Tune in: Colombia

This new columne called “Tune in” will ask people from all parts of the world to introduce a song that defines their music scene. Today we will start of with Harold from Bogotá, Colombia.

The legend says that a ship sailling the waters of the Caribbean, on the American continent, was loaded with different articles to trade … one of them in particular would change the history of Colombia. And this being a German magazine, it becomes more relevant for you, the reader.

That object was a German accordion. And that ship was wrecked. With the favor of maritime currents, tons of accordions reached the Northern coast of Colombia, to become one of the most beloved instruments in this country. With it came along the creation of numerous musical genres that are still very popular in this country to this date. This small story becomes relevant because Colombia has recently been regarded as a multicultural country where we constantly hear about “fusion” musical genres.

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Fusion, as we understand it, is the combination of native indigenous or Afro-descendant instruments, with electronic music. Ah! For 15 or 20 years now, Colombia has had a musical explosion in this genre that remains popular with international bands such as Bomba Estereo or Solar Systema. I will risk to assure that all fusion music in Colombia will make you move your hips and legs on the dance floor or anywhere else. Today I bring more fusion. Today I bring: Ghetto Kumbé.

Let’s wear for a while a white surgical coat and cut this band open. We can find Afro-descendant culture here. With a lot of beat, Caribbean rhythms and electronic loops. It will make you feel you are in a jungle where the trees are DJs and the environment is mystical. Adios amigos!

Text: Harold; Photo band: Ghetto Kumbé Press; Photos Bogotá: Fauves

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