Live: Go Go Berlin (Dk, Indie Rock)

Mainz has been waiting for them to come back: On January 18th at 20:00 the Danes from Go Go Berlin will hit the schon schön floor once again and present us their newest indie rock hits. Tickets are still available here. Go Go schon schön!

For the ones who haven’t met you already in Mainz: What can we expect of you? What kind of people will we meet on the 18th? What are Danish people like?

— Well … we’re a band who used to tour like crazy, all over the world actually. But then we decided to slow down on the touring, and really focus on songs and recordings for our upcoming album. It turned out to be great decision – cause we’re so proud of what we have made and now it’s time to show that to the world (for the first time ever!). We miss playing our hearts out, and we miss connecting to people at live shows. Now it’s time!

Danish people? Hm … I think we’re shy, but still with some confidence. Danish people are very observational, which can be a good and a bad thing. I think we are some kind of counter reaction to being shy though.

Following up the first question: Is there some kind of Danish mentality or music education that has affected your music? Denmark is so small, yet, there is so much creativity coming out of this county. There must be something in the waters….?!

— Yes, the difference is, I think, that German people give less of a fuck of what other people think of them, which is so cool. Danes in return are shy (might be because the country is so small). That could be the reason why our art often gets pretty popular – because of it’s deeply observational thoughts. It’s not popular to just speak out loud freely about your thoughts, so we have to write it in a song to be truly honest. So basically the art might come from some kind of repression ? Hahaha … or maybe because we’re really good at copying each other.

You said before having decided to put a skull on your album cover for Electric Lives (2015), you “made a different cover each day while recording the album”. What were those covers like and what do they tell about the different interpretations of your album? 

— It’s actually been the same story for both albums. We start making the cover when the songs have been recorded. And in this way you will eventually figure out if you make something that fits the music. And you actually become more aware of what kind of album you’ve made.
Some covers were too soft, some were too hard … eventually you’ll get it right!

Your guitar & synthie parts in the song “Maybe Tomorrow” reminded us of “Tighten up” by The Black Keys. In an interview with you say that you had the chance to meet the band while playing at German TV show Circus Halli Galli. How was it like to meet them ? What knowledge did you exchange and what did they teach you about music ? 

— Yeah it was a fantastic moment having your name next to such a great band that we’ve been very inspired by. The Black Keys have such a strong and personal sound. Well, I think they thought we were a German band (might be because of the name haha) so Patrick Carney (the drummer) asked me (Christian) to translate some German text from a Champagne bottle. We had a quick talk about schnitzels and other weird German stuff. I think Christoffer had a cigarette with him outside later and he asked him if he knew where the closest bar was haha.

Over here in Mainz we sometimes discuss why local bands from small cities (like Mainz) go to bigger cities like Berlin (as your band’s name Go Go Berlin may suggest already ! haha), … maybe for bigger audiences or networks. Since you are from Copenhagen’s smaller brother Aarhus, what’s your Aarhus-Copenhagen relationship like and how’s the place an important factor for your music production ?

— Yeah I think basically it’s just because of the bigger audiences and music life. Young people more often live in big cities, right? We thought about moving to Copenhagen many times, but then the touring life really kicked in, and we were playing 130 shows a year – so we were NEVER home! And why not stay in Aarhus where your old friends were!? In reaction to that, we actually decided to record our new album back home in Aarhus – which gave us more calmness and space – having actually recorded the other two in Copenhagen and Berlin.

You say you like The Strokes and The Rolling Stones. Anyways, could you recommend us a band that we wouldn’t know, some local band or hot & new “fucking shit”, as you put it in a few interviews, that fits the schon schön vibe ?

– Well, you have to love those bands, don’t you?!! We have slightly moved a bit more into more modern music now (not referring to Strokes here!) trying to wash off the retro-mark on our backs. Well, a cool shout out could be made to Danish act School of X. Epic shit!

You also say you hope you will go crazy in 2018. We are sure you will succeed in that. People from Mainz will make sure to go crazy ourselves come January 18th at schon schön. Thanks for working on our interview and tschüß !

Yeah we can’t wait to get back ”home” to Mainz. It’s always a crazy party at schon schön!

Interview: Philipp; Photos: Anna Marin at Go Go Berlin Press

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