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In ihren Liedern sucht die amerikanische Singer-Songwriterin Kendy Gable nach neuem Bezug zur Natur. Sie verarbeitet dabei Erfahrungen aus dem Stadtleben in Brooklyn sowie auf dem Land in Sullivan County. Herausgekommen ist ein ausgezeichnetes Album mit vollem Sound. Am Montag, den 27.11. um 21:00 (Einlass 20:00) spielt sie im Schick&Schön in Mainz.

On your homepage you say: “There are places in this world that hold more wisdom and knowledge than others”. Your album title is “The Knowledge of the North Woods”. You say that “nature gives us all the answers”. What answers?

I do believe that there are special places in the world. One of my favourites is where two rivers meet. Specifically, these two rivers were the Delaware River and the Ten Mile River. A river reminds us that there are always other places to go, other things to see and worlds to meet. Also, I think it is important for us to be reminded of the interconnectedness of all things. To answer the question, ‘What answers?’ I think you just have to decide what to ask and then when your mind is quiet and all you hear is the wind through the trees or the water rushing over rocks, more often than not you come up with the best answers to any of your questions.

In the song “Learn This From The Waters” you sing that you learn how to “Listen to your own soul”. If that lesson from the waters is transferred to the main idea of the album, does it imply that this knowledge is all about getting back in touch with nature and returning to your inner self?

It definitely is. While I was living in the Catskill Mountains, I began to discover the knowledge that Native Americans have known for centuries. I am not a Native American, nor do I claim to know everything that they do, but I love to listen and to learn and from this wisdom and I thoroughly agree with their ancient way of living. I began to turn not only outward to nature, but inward to my own self to see how I can best communicate and serve those around me. It’s all about communicating beautifully and compassionately and protecting the natural world.

You also mention that five songs were inspired by your life in Brooklyn and six songs were product of living in Sullivan County, in the mountains. The first five songs had to do a lot with nostalgia. Could you explain us your feeling?

The first songs that were written in Brooklyn, definitely captured my sense of longing to return to the mountains, to a simpler, slower pace of life. Living in the city has it’s challenges and rewards and it is definitely about finding a balance. Once I returned to the country-side there was another part of me that I felt was missing. The intellectual stimulation of art, culture, argument and human challenges was missing. Of course, my preference is a world that is free from cement and asphalt, but there is a richness to be found in large cities too. Perhaps it is a nostalgia for what I was hoping life could be, however, how quickly we learn that life is of our making and appreciating the present will keep us happy.

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black = meeting point of Delaware River & Ten Mile River ; yellow = Catskill Mountains 


Sullivan County, where you lived, had a huge influence on your album. Can you tell us a bit more about that place?

Sullivan County was once a tourist destination for New Yorkers. From the 1940’s to about the mid-1970’s. Then people stopped coming and the entire infrastructure crumbled. However, it has begun to make a comeback. I moved there when people started to rediscover the small towns, the wild forests, the open fields, the clear rivers, and the fresh air. Many New York artists have since relocated to Sullivan County for this natural beauty. The people I met there were all very special and I carry them with me every day.

A lot of people with tons of different instruments worked on your album. How many of those will perform with you at Schick & Schön?

Many talented musicians played on this album. My NYC band made up of Adam Chilenski, Bram Kincheloe and Kim Anderson recorded and created for many hours. I wish that they could be here in Europe with me, but the ocean is a bit of an obstacle. In Berlin, I am lucky to play with pianist, Claudio Donzelli and cellist, Marie Claire Schlameus. For this show at Schick & Schön I will be playing solo which I also love to do! Playing and singing solo always makes me feel closer to the crowd. I am so excited to share my stories and music to many who probably have never heard my songs performed live before.

Since you love nature, could you give some tips -for those who are also into exploring the outdoors- on where to find beautiful forests and rivers?

Well, I’m still exploring Germany, but I have found some places of solace! I love to go up to the Baltic Sea and bike around the farm fields and forests there. Stellshagen, Boltenhagen and Parin and are very dear to me. Around Berlin, I have been discovering all of the lakes that are a short train ride or bike ride away. Also, Berlin has some incredible parks and many green spaces that I can often be found writing or riding my bike in!

Thank you so much for your time!

Photo: Kendy Gable Press

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