Fauves Magazin Live: Two Year Vacation (Indiepop, SWE)

Die Jungs von Two Year Vacation (Göteborg) machen auf ihrer Deutschland Tour auch in Mainz halt. Am 26.11. um 19:00 spielen sie im Café Annabatterie. Über ihre Musik sagen sie: “We produce tracks that perfectly fit your sun-drenched beach holidays”. Wer also eine der angesagtesten Bands aus Göteborg live sehen möchte und sich nach sommerlichen Zeiten sehnt, dem sei das Konzert wärmstens empfohlen. In Mainz geben sie ein exklusives Akustik-Konzert, das einzige der Tour. Vi ses!

Since we are a music magazine that mainly talks about the music scene in Mainz, we would like to know what is going on in Göteborg, Sweden? What are the cool venues to go to, what kind of sub-cultures do you have, how is it like to be a band in Göteborg (networks, support)?

–Göteborg is a great town for being in a band, we have some nice venues like Pustervik, Nefertiti, Studio HPKSM. During the late 90s and 00s there was a great indie pop scene here, but for now it’s the rave and techno culture that’s going crazy. There are just tons of weird industrial parties, where you can dance all night long.

Related to that question: What are some Göteborg bands that are currently hyped or hot?

— Some hot acts from Göteborg are FLAWS, Fontän and Little Dragon.

Coming to you: You will tour Germany. Can you tell us a bit about your tour? Why Germany?

— Germany is just a great country for live music. People are really interested in seeing new bands and the vibe is always killing. We are gonna play 8 shows this time, and we just can’t wait to start the trip. You got the best audience that makes up for all the stau on the autobahn.

Your music is very happy, although your music somewhat deals with “coming out of the negative”. Could you tell us how you got to write something like “better off alone”?

— We have this friend that was having trouble in his relationship and we thought he should get out of it so we wrote a song about what he should say. It just ended up being a bit more of a party song than your normal break up song!

On bandcamp.com you say you want to maximize our vacation. How?

— We want you to get the vibe from the tunes. To realize that everything is gonna be alright. Just listen to “Love Will Come Back To You” than rent a scooter and take a trip as far until you have no more gas left in the tank.

We like to include some music from other people’s tastes. Could you name us some of your favourite tracks right now?

— Been listening to the new Arcade Fire record a lot, it’s just great. Also the new St Vincent album is worth hearing. If you are into psychedelic music you should check out Fontän or pretty much everything that is released by this great Göteborg label Höga Nord.

Last question: What do you know about Mainz?

We’ve heard about Annabatterie from Anton in FLAWS and that it’s a great place that looks really cool with a nice atmosphere and that you’re supposed to have a very high ceiling!

The only things we really know about Mainz are:
-That you invented the printing of books (Gutenberg style)
-That it’s a really old city
-Jürgen Klopp was the coach of your football team!

Tack och hejdå!

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