Coals (ShyRap, Cold Pop / PL)

Coals halten das, was auf ihrer Verpackung steht. Äußerst schüchtern (ShyRap) und distanziert (Cold Pop) betreten sie die schon schön Bühne. Was dann kommt, ist aber alles andere als kalt und distanziert. Eine sehr nachdenkliche, in-sich-gehende Sängerin singt bei großem Nebelmaschinen-Einsatz von ihren negativen Eindrücken und Albträumen, verarbeitet sie, bekämpft sie. Das wirkt sehr authentisch und gefällt dem schon schön Publikum.  Gut, dass Coals für das heutige Nachgehakt-Interview gut geschlafen haben, um sich vor der Abfahrt den neugierigen Fragen des FAUVES – Magazins widmen zu können.

Alright, since this is a music magazine, I would like to know a bit about music in Poland. Do you look up to people over there, what bands are you listening to, what bands may sound like your music? 

— (Kasha) In Poland there is are a lot of mainstream music but also alternative music. We are somewhere in between. A band that is similar to us is Król, also Syny and RSS Boys – all alternative bands.

— (Luka) Man, you will become a Polish hipster today!

— (Bob) Then there are band in between mainstream and alternative: Taco Hemingway and XXANAXX.

— (Kasha) And then there is mainstream music: David Podsiadlo and Eveline Lisowska.

How do you define “mainstream” and “alternative?

— Mainstream is just popular and it is on TV in Poland all the time. Helene Fischer would be mainstream here. But that does not have to be bad. Kanye West or Miley Cyrus can keep their individuality while being mainstream.

How does your music reflect your personality? I got to know you as very introvert, which is very interesting…because a lot of bands that I see can’t talk enough on stage.

— (Luka) That is definitely true. Our songs changed a bit however. The first songs we recorded, we were very introvert. The new songs are somewhat more open. Now Kasha is dancing on the stage.

What I liked about your show is that you don’t try to be somebody else. Looking at your face tells me that you think a lot while singing. What is on your mind? 

— (Kasha) I try to evoke specific emotions, negative emotions because our songs are very melancholic. I try to evoke some memories from the past, and those were mostly negative. With my songs I try to face these memories.

That made your performance very special. I don’t remember bands being able to create such a bad mood in their music. 

— (Kasha) We actually listen to Polish bands like Niwea who are also very distant to their audience. He is screaming a lot.

— (Luka) Once they canceled a show at a very famous radio show in Poland because they didn’t have a fog-machine.

One more question. Which song is your personal favourite song?

— (Kasha) “VHS Nightmare” because I really like rap and this song was made with rap-beats. Alternative rap, spooky black (it is an artist,..someone wrote that down as our genre, we were surprised but agreed). We really like Spooky Black. People were excited about the song “Dino-Deano” yesterday too.

What is “VHS Nightmare” about, what negative experience is in there?

— (Kisha) The song is very chaotic. Lots of elements which are not connected with each other. Death, chaotic pictures of childish memories, then Luka is in his room with roses. It is a journey. We wanted a song that evoked the question: “WTF?”.

Alright, that’s it. Thanks for your time! 

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